Flipbooks vs PDF – Which is better?

If you have a brochure or catalog that you have printed, or if you want to use a green alternative, then a flip book might well be the answer. A flip book is a Flash based application that turns PDF files into a more interesting and interactive marketing tool. Just click on a page of the book and the page turns automatically for you. If you have your speakers on, you’ll hear the familiar sound of paper rustling too.

Flip books have some benefits over a standard PDF in that they don’t have to be fully downloaded before you can view the pages (pages are preloaded in advance). This reduces page load speeds for your site visitors.  Its more interactive & fun and still gets your corporate  message or brochure content across effectively. Readers respond well to this form of presentation and you may find that messages that would otherwise be lost in a PDF presentation are retained due to the fun element flip books offer.

Don’t confuse fun with useless however! Many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and promote their green credentials, both PDF’s and Flip books will potentially reduce your paper marketing costs dramatically, but the flip book will add an edge that a straight PDF will struggle to match.

You might even want to consider having a series of flip books for all your company brochures & leaflets and direct people to your website (where the flip books are located) instead of sending them in the post or handing them out at exhibitions etc.

Make a point of difference over your competitors and add green credibility at the same time as saving money.

Here are some of the benefits that a flip book system can offer you:

  • Get published data available more quickly than traditional print
  • Save money on reprints & postage for direct mail campaigns
  • Email links to your flip books in campaigns
  • Get analytics for readership
  • You can save days of time with a flip book publication by not having to get the document print ready
  • They are very cost-effective to install onto your website

At Dzined we can offer you a choice of flip books from different suppliers but they all have similar main features so finding the perfect one for your business should be a breeze!

Call us on 01992 350066 or email sales@dzined.uk for your free quote today.

We can send you an example of a working flip book from one of your own PDF files on request.


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Updated 14th May 2020