Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Why bother with Search engine optimisation?

When you use a search engine like Google to look for the information you will get endless pages of results. Most people never look beyond page 1 or 2 of these searches because the most relevant website pages are shown at the top of the list of results.  The process of SEO is designed to put your website as high as possible in the search return as possible.  SEO is a complicated process and takes time to work, but it can be a more successful way of trading over the internet than Pay Per Click ads. This is because some people (rightly or wrongly) believe that sites that have not paid to be found (the sponsored links) are more trustworthy than those that have.


Although all search engines keep their search parameters a loosely guarded secret, they will always check website page content against the search term used by the person searching, so keywords in your web text are an important point to consider.

HTML Email Marketing

HTML emails are those that look like web pages when they land in our email inbox. Very often they will ask you to manually download the pictures if you want to see them. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways any business can communicate with its customers, instantly and for free. Each email can bear your corporate designs or logo and carry almost any message.


What about spam emails? These are the bane of our lives, aren’t they? It’s the electronic junk mail that we all get and all hate! To get around the problem of sending an email that people don’t want is really very simple.  You get people’s permission to send them emails in advance. Spammers, as they are collectively known, don’t, they just get an email address and bombard people.

Permission marketing

How do you get an agreement to send emails?  Business is about trade. An exchange of goods or services that are of value to people. So by having a simple form on your website which offers something of real value (not a worthless or out of date item) in exchange for a persons email address, you will start that exchange of value long before you even speak to a customer, let alone do business with them.  You can also ask people to join your mailing list, this is the same type of arrangement, permission is given and there is an exchange of value.

The benefit  of this is immense, for instance

  • You will stand out as different to your competition
  • Customers will recognise your emails when they arrive
  • Customers will actually want to see what you have to offer
  • You can establish a great relationship long before you make a sale
  • Email is virtually free
  • This type of marketing is one of the most sustainable


Respect a customer’s wishes and especially their privacy. There MUST always be the option for a customer to remove their name & email address from your mailing list. Normally there is an “Unsubscribe” link on an HTML email which lets you stop receiving these emails in future.


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Updated 14th May 2020