Introducing Elementor

Many of you will have heard of WordPress but perhaps not so much the name “Elementor”. Elementor is a plugin that steps in where WordPress’s flexibility runs a little short.

Until recently, WordPress (by default) was mostly limited to a standard “What you see is shat you get” (WYSIWYG) editor, with the ability to change some font sizing, bold, italic, underline, colours, and so on. But pretty much whatever the options, they were fairly limited. You couldn’t, for example, easily layout 2 pictures next to each other, or put any interactive elements on the page without having to add a load of code to do so.

Recently, WordPress released, their new editor “Gutenberg” (named after the founder of the printing press”, which takes a more ‘building block’ approach, allowing a lot more flexibility in terms of layout, and as time goes on, this will continue to expand, but it’s still a huge way of the level of flexibility that would make editing a more immersive and creative experience.

Say hello to Elementor! As mentioned earlier, Elementor is a plugin. A plugin extends the default functionality of WordPress. Elementor’s prime function is to provide an intuitive way to layout content on pages, and it does it through a simple section/columns/element technique.

You add a section to a page (a simple area to put things in), divide it up into a number of columns (from 1 upwards), then drop an element (or many elements) into a column.

What is an element? Well, here is the fun part. Elements range from a simple single line piece of text, through to a beautiful masonry style gallery. Elementor comes bundled with a number of elements, that will make creating your page a breeze. If you choose to purchase a license, you can go pro. Going pro not only gives you a load more elements to use, but it ramps up with some awesome features that take Elementor from be a page layout builder to a full website builder.

With the pro addon, you’ll be able to create Headers and Footers for your site (the bits that wrap around a lot of the website you’ll see on the internet.

Where’s the catch? There is none, and I mean it. As a seasoned developer over the years I’ve always been staunch of the opinion, coding with HTML and CSS from scratch is key to clean well-written code and a good website, however, the bright sparks at Elementor have done a stellar job at automating a lot of this process.

So now I’m mostly building sites using Elementor with WordPress as the base. This is great, as it reduces the time it takes to implement a design, reduces the cost for our clients, and gives them the flexibility to be able to update their own sites without worry of images flying off unexpected direction or just be limited to what they can update. We love it and our clients love.

What about the search engines, you ask? Well they love it (as much as we can ascertain), the code produced by Elementor is clean, well structured and accessible and it works great of devices of any size. Yes, that’s right, Elementor lets you style and previews your site, not only in Desktop but also on a tablet and mobile.

You may have got the sense of my love for Elementor in this post. I’ve researched and trialled many page builders out there, and Elementor simply comes out on top for ease of use, cost, and flexibility. It’s backed by a team of dedicated techies and support representatives and they continue to develop and improve Elementor on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to discuss how Elementor can help give your site a well-needed refresh or open up the flexibility you want to update your site, then get in touch. We specialise in designing sites for great user journeys and intuitive functionality and combined with WordPress and Elementor, we can help your website fly!

Oh, and yes this site is built using Elementor!

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Updated 14th May 2020