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Need to change your current package?

Whether you’ve got problems with your existing hosting package, or perhaps need to save some money, we have plenty of solutions . 
We’ll tailor a package to suit your requirements so that you’re not paying for features you don’t need!

Our main hosting solutions

Simple Hosting

Perfect for starter websites. This hosting package is on what we call a shared platform, where many people use the same hosting server. Everyone has their own privately designated portion of the server. 


Low monthly cost
No setup cost
Migrate from CPanel for free
Instant WordPress site setup

Pro Hosting

Perfect for established websites. This hosting package provides you with your own Virtual Server, only your website is hosted on this machine, so expect super consistent speeds even during peak periods. 


Low monthly cost
Low Setup cost
Migrations from £25+VAT
Fast and flexible

Email Only Hosting

We can offer this as a combination with simple or pro hosting or as a separate service altogther. We’ve got lots of options depending on your specific required


Standard IMAP/POP/STMP Email
Hosted Exchange Email Accounts
Low Cost Email Software Licenses
Encrypted mail for secure email
Mailbox capacity up to 100Gb

It's a given!

All our hosting services are based here in the UK for speed and compliance.
We’ve spend a long time working out the best solutions so you don’t have to and the service always continue to improve, but the prices rarely go up 🙂

Is it reliable?

Our hosting rarely becomes unavailable…we’d love to say it never goes down, but that would be telling porkies! 

Our hosting is extremely reliable, however sometimes events out of our control mean your services can become unavailable for a short period of time. But don’t worry if it does, a team of technical ninjas will be on it straight away!

All the server are housed in top notch security monitored premises with secondary power backup and fire protection!


Simple Hosting

Our Simple hosting packages start from £5+VAT per month.

Or for an extra £5+VAT month, get automatic backups and a FREE SSL Certificate install*

Pro Hosting

Our pro hosting packages start from £25+VAT per month and include monitoring, daily backup and FREE SSL Certificate*.

Host multiple site on one machine and upgrade on demand.**

Email Only Hosting

Prices start from £2.50+VAT per month for 20 x 10GB IMAP/POP/SMTP Mailboxes

Hosted Exchange accounts starting from £5.95+VAT per mailbox per month
(inc Spam Filtering)

* FREE install of a Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate. Nameservers must be pointed to the hosting server
** Pro Hosting Machines are resizable to grow in power, prices increase and machine capacity increases.

Ready to move

The next step is to get in touch so help work out what package you’ll need and if there are any associated migration costs. 


As a business primarily based in digital services, there is currently no change to our current service offering.

We are working remotely from home where we have full access to everything we need to operate as normal, therefore there is currently no impact to our customer or the services we provide. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us at

We are following government advice and working from home to protect ourselves and those around us.

Stay safe, look after those who need support and keep washing those hands.

Updated 14th May 2020