Our Team

We are a digital agency that have been building websites, designing brand assets and creating content for over 14 years. We’re a small team, but with that comes some mighty brain power… We are made up of a highly skilled web developer, a designer who holds a MSc in Consumer Psychology, a photographer & videographer who has captured shots for many local & national businesses and a licensed drone operator who has produced footage for the BBC. We work very closely with our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when we get to use our skillset to solve pain points and improve the way in which our clients’ online presences are presented to their customer base.

Matt Crane

matt crane

Matt looks after the digital aspects of a project, with a key focus on web design and development. He has a keen eye for detail, which extends from the server the website is hosted on through to the website design, development, accessibility and user experience. Matt is our in house problem solver.

With over 20 years experience as a developer Matt enjoys solving problems, with a mind for logic, effective and efficient solutions are speciality. With an understanding of system architecture and hand-on experience as a coder a solution is never far away.

Matt also works on the media production side filming, editing and colour grading footage and preparing audio tracks for video whether that’s audio commentary or musical selection/composition to accompany the films.

Babs Crane

babs crane

Babs is a designer who also holds an MSc in Consumer Psychology (Distinction), a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (MBPsS) and the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS).

She heads up the visual design aspects of projects, combining the worlds of Design and Behavioural Science to create the most effective, human-friendly elements & layouts, making sites easier and more enjoyable to use and designing effective marketing campaigns.

She has a passion for creating brilliant experiences and consulting on projects that are mutually beneficial for businesses, employees and consumers. 

Sam Butcher

sam butcher

Sam works both as our Business Development manager, working with new clients during onboarding and he also works in our media production side. As a licensed drone operator with a vast experience in aerial photography, sam has flown both indoors and outdoors under risk-assessed conditions, using high quality production grade drone & camera equipment. 

Sam was the the first person to fly a drone inside the Ministry of Sound club in London.  Whilst the lack of GPS indoors allows the drone to glide effortlessly through the air for the smoothest and most cinematic of shots, it does require an exceptional of skill and experience that not all pilots are comfortable with. Sam love’s the challenge of capturing that impossible shot, flying through small gaps or in an enclosed space. Sam has also honed his skill inside iconic buildings, such as the Royal Albert Hall and The Masonic Lodge in Leicester Square. His footage has been featured on ITV News, BBC River Walks and Countryfile (amongst others).

Harry Taylor

harry taylor

With a unique and creative eye for detail, Harry has extensive experience across a wide range of settings and has travelled the world shooting in incredible locations. Harry also is a talented videographer, and creates excellent footage in a wide range of styles for many commercial applications.

Harry has his own unique style of video and photographic graphic composition an has created some beautiful films, but he also very adept in filming in the right style for the right application.

Harry also owns his own successful sustainable clothing brand NOM which works in collaboration with artists to deliver ethically sourced organic apparel. 


As a business primarily based in digital services, there is currently no change to our current service offering.

We are working remotely from home where we have full access to everything we need to operate as normal, therefore there is currently no impact to our customer or the services we provide. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to email us at hello@dzined.com

We are following government advice and working from home to protect ourselves and those around us.

Stay safe, look after those who need support and keep washing those hands.

Updated 14th May 2020