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So, you are looking for seo support? We’re here to help! 

On this page we’ve provided some answers to popular questions that we are often asked by prospective clients. If you prefer to get straight to it, there is a form at the bottom of this page you can use to say hello and let us know about your requirements.

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questions we're asked about seo

SEO in the most basic sense, it optimising your website and various other online sources to make sure your website appears in the search engines (like Google) when looking for a particular product or service.

For example if your website sells fresh fruit and vegetables. Your website needs to be optimised to make sure when people are looking for fresh fruit and veg, they find you!

It varies. It all depends on what needs doing what your current online presence is like and how big your site is.

We could throw any figure as it to be honest, because you can never to do enough SEO. The web is constantly changing, search engines evolve, and new competition arises on a daily basis, so there is a lot to do.

We suggest you start by working out what an affordable amount in your marketing budget is that you can comfortably continue to spend on a monthly basis. We do SEO work for clients with monthly spends starting from £50+VAT per month.

It’s an ongoing process. Paying us to look after SEO means someone is always monitoring how you site is performing and looking for ways to make it perform better? We do suggest though an absolute minimum of 6 months to enable us to compare performance, effectively.

Well, there’s a question. The answer is almost always yes. 

The way search engine delivery results are constantly evolving, and if your site appears on the first page of Google one week, it could easily enough move down the following week.

And just like if you owned a bakery in a village, someone else could open up a bakery next week. Suddenly you have competition and you need to advertise some more.

With websites, there is a much bigger chance of competition arising so you need to make sure your site is optimised and performing well.


Quotes will vary depending on who you ask. It often comes down to level of experience and size of company. You’ll get a different price from a solo freelancer compared to a 20 person agency as the costs they bear are completely different. But often when you are paying more you can receive additional benefits and expertise. SEO needs to be constant to work effectively so we always work with you to plan an affordable subscription that you can afford throughout the year.

We encourage 6-12 monthly contracts on a direct debit (so you still have control over the payment) with clients and make sure each commitment is realistic and affordable. We’re confident we’ll do a great job and you’ll want to continue. Our focus is to generate you more traffic to your website and increase your business as a result. We only use reliable and safe method here. No black-hat Seo here (Black-hat…what’s that you say…it’s equivalent of a plumber using a Krispy-Kreme instead of a washer, it will last for a couple of minutes, then create a horrible message everywhere.)


We undertake all kinds of SEO work. In general SEO will involve the following:

  • Re-writing content
  • Writing new copy
  • Finding new quality backlinks to your site
  • Checking existing backlinks and improving copy and links back to your website 
  • Looking at your SEO presence (it’s all related!)
  • Find opportunities for new content.
  • Monitoring the progress of your site
  • Tracking conversions

Unfortunately there are still a bunch of unscrupulous people acting as SEO experts and charging fortunes for services which they don’t necessary have the right skills for. Often tying customers in expensive contracts and damaging the sites on presence through poor practice.

We hate bad-mouthing people as its literally so old-school and achieves very little, but unfortunately SEO isn’t regulated and people are constantly ripped off. We actively encourage clients to fully understand what they are paying for with SEO and to make sure they receive regular updates on the progress.

Don’t worry, if you’ve had bad experiences before, you’ve come to the right place. We’re lovely and we’ll look after you, think of us like a big-brother or sister! We’ve got plenty of people to vouch for us if you are still unsure.

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Updated 14th May 2020