HairFlair are an innovative UK based company who creates unique patented hair styling product. They are most famously known for their CurlFormers®, a unique hair curling product that works without heat and doesn’t damage the hair. They have also recently launched their new Hair Styling cream Styleformers™.

We were approached by HairFlair to build them a new website. Their existing setup was something we initially helped rescue as it was struggling to cope with existing volume or traffic. The site needed rebuilding and restructuring, but it fell in line with their plans to rebrand.

We initially provided them with some online mockups using Adobe XD which allow their team to share, discuss and comment on the proposed design. After various development we proceeded to build the site. For this project not only was the site based on WordPress we also built it with Elementor (a fantastic page layout plugin), which allow customisation of the page in a visual drag and drop manner. This meant that should the HairFlair team want to dive in a create some new pages they can do (and aren’t restricted to the normal editing facilities)

One of the challenges we met was that their site requires a number of complex processes, from integration with SalesForce, Trade registration discounts, restricted access content, integration with mailing software, multi warehouse integration and much more. Some of which didn’t have a readily available solution. But with some nifty work our end and some bespoke coding we made it work!

We also host the site and monitor the server health to ensure the website is constantly able to deliver a sound up-time and speed across the globe.

We’re excited to continue working with HairFlair on developing the site further and watching how it progresses over the coming years.

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The multi-warehouse and multi currency element of the site as it required a healthy amount of customisation in order to keep it simple for the HairFlair team to manage, and maintain their specific functionality that is of great importance, ensuring their customers have great flexibility when shopping on the site.

We also had to work some deep integration to ensure the customer and trade customer workflows work seamlessly with mail notifications, CRM integrations and specific price delivery.

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Some of the more technical aspects involved using/working with:


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Updated 14th May 2020