Katie Cardew

 Katie Cardew is a phenomenal illustrator. She is literally like real-life Penny Crayon. Not only can she draw anything she likes, she does it with a beautifully unique style. We were dead chuffed when we were given the opportunity to work with Katie on her website refresh.

Katie’s previous website was a WordPress website. We were tasked with giving it a freshen up, help smooth out the e-commerce journey, and make it super duper mobile friendly.

This is a perfect example of where a client has a WordPress website, needs a redesign, but didn’t need to go the whole distance and start from scratch.

One of the beauties of WordPress is that if you fancy a rework a year down the line, we can create a new theme for the website (a bit like re-decorating your home. We change the wallpaper, upgrade some of the fittings, but the house still says the same underneath – no need to knock down the bricks).

Working on this project was especially fun, as Katie wanted to keep the site looking interesting and fun, and was only more than ready to supply us with all the little bits and bobs, like arrows, icons, and hand-drawn borders, so we could make it totally obvious her website visitors knew they are on Katie’s website.



The site required a fair amount of Woo Commerce customisation including keeping our finger’s off the Woo Commerce template files. We used hook and filters throughout to ensure woo Commerce can be updated cleanly moving forward with destroying any templates!

nerdy info

some of the more technical aspects involved using/working with:


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Updated 14th May 2020